Help Centre.

What is casa?

Casa is a property portal dedicated to helping real estate agents,property managers,property owners,holiday home providers,buyers and rent clients (lease clients) with the tools they need to make informed property decisions complimented with the services of interior designers and furnishers.


Why use casa ?

Casa helps you find property at affordable rates using our advanced search engine . If you are looking to buy or rent then check out our various categories ranging from family homes, apartments, warehouses,commercial spaces, we have short term and long term holiday homes. We make it easy for you by filtering home types,prices,sizes,and locations.


Why should create an account on casa?

Creating an account on casa is completely free and easy to do. With a casa account you can:
   a)follow properties to track prices,status,share with family and friends,get updates on similar properties through our recommendations system.
   b)bookmark real estate, interior and holiday home listings.
   c)receive notifications on interested buyers and rent clients.

How do I submit a listing to casa?

The process is very easy and quick, go to submit listing.fill in the relevant information like property type for example an apartment, number of bedrooms, number of bathrooms, selling prices or rent dues, input the amenities and select a location on the map. Fill in contact information and click SAVE.Your listing will instantly appear live on casa.


How do I edit a listing on casa ?

Go to “my listing” section of your account and select “edit listing”, then select the area you would like to edit for example address ,price ,details ,property status , photos.Then click save changes and your done.


How do I edit profile information?

Select profile, then click “edit my profile information” and make the necessary changes you would like to make.


For how long does property remain listed on casa ?

Property remains listed on Casa until it gets a client either a purchase client or a lease (RENT) client. When this has occurred, the lister whether an agency or agent or owner can update listing information on status.


How do edit or manage my casa email notifications?

Go to your profile, then click notifications, then go to manage notifications and select your options incase you would like to receive email notifications then click subscribe, if not then click unsubscribe.

How do I unsubscribe from casa emails?

Simply click unsubscribe at the bottom of the email.


How do I contact Casa ?

Simply send an email to or send to If the matter is of urgency then contact on +256 750500164


Is Casa available on my smart phone?

Casa is available on browsers for now. We have a desktop site and a mobile site. We intend on developing mobile applications very soon, your patience is highly appreciated!


How can I advertise on Casa ?

It is very easy to advertise on casa please click advertise below on our home page and click advertise. For more information contact us at or call us on +256 750500164/_______________.


How do I get information about availability of property?

This is very easy to do ,click on a selected property and view,there should be a section on listed property that dicussses availability and time frame for renting.